Nikki Diamanté

Nikki Diamanté is one of New York City’s newest, zesty, rousing and guileless voices on talk shows and podcasts today. In 2019 after attempting to start her own podcast, she joined the 8 At The Table crew where their main discussions are about love, sex and relationships.

Nikki’s animated and uncensored personality helped build her fan-base on the show and presented her with opportunities to feature as a guest on other podcasts. She has recently appeared on DJ Epps And Friends, Don’t Shoot The Messenger Podcast and The Nameless Program.

Nikki's Goals

One of Nikki’s goals is to use her voice as a beacon for people that are afraid to express their repressed thoughts and feelings. Her raw charisma is guaranteed to keep the audience engaged and the conversations going even after the show is over.

You can watch Nikki’s discussions on 8 At The Table weekly on Youtube and social media platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok.